Grand Strand Red Cross volunteer headed to Colorado

The number of dead as a result of severe flooding in Colorado has climbed to seven. Thousands more are still in shelters, wondering what's left of their homes.

Help is starting to pour in from the Red Cross and volunteers are heading to Colorado from all over the country, including right here in South Carolina.

"Its just like that urge to get out there and do something. You feel like you're doing something to help these people instead of being back here and just watching it on T.V.," said Deborah Kostic, who's leaving for Colorado on Saturday.

Name a natural disaster from the last 14 years, and it's likely Kostic has been there working. "I just recently went to Sandy, I went twice to Sandy and went to Oklahoma for the tornadoes," Kostic said.

Working as a client case work manager in Colorado, Kostic will be responsible for case workers who sometimes offer the simplest form of help: being there for someone to talk to. "They need to tell their story, so a lot of times you sit there for 15-20 minutes before you actually get the information you need to assist them, but telling their story is so very important," Kostic said.

She'll spend at least three weeks in Colorado, but said she'll stay as long as they need her.