Grand Strand power crews turning lights on in NJ

Twenty-nine crew members from Santee Cooper in the Grand Strand area have been working 16-hour shifts to bring power back to Central New Jersey.

Area operations supervisor Scott Shoemaker said his crew got into a hotel for the first time on Monday night after spending eleven days sleeping in a tractor trailer.

The hotel is in Pennsylvania and 80 miles away from Six Flags in Jackson, New Jersey.

Santee Cooper begins its day with breakfast at the amusement park facility and heads to different locations to replace poles, remove trees and fixing transformers.

One group of Santee Coopers workers were repairing a large pole in Wall Township, New Jersey. Fifteen minutes away in Belmar, another Santee Cooper Crew was able to restore power to a single mom with two children who had lost power two weeks ago.

"There's thousands of line technicians and employees here," Shoemaker said. "And to be able to see the happy faces of the customers when they come out and thank you when you got their power back on."

Shoemaker said he is taking lots of notes as a reference in the event of a hurricane directly striking the Grand Strand.

Jersey Central Power and Light says that it is getting close to the 100 percent mark in restoration of 1.3 million customers effected by Sandy.

The Santee Cooper team is anxious to return back to the Grand Strand and see their families.

They are thankful to the kindness shown by the residents of Central Jersey, who have been appreciative of their hard work.

The Santee Cooper crew is among hundreds of linemen and employees from power companies across the Grand Strand and Pee Dee who are working long hours to help people affected by Sandy and the nor'easter get their lives back on track.