Grand Strand gets double dose of reality

It's "Lights, Camera, Action," for two reality shows in the Grand Strand.

On Monday, the cast of characters for the area's newest reality show to air on CMT called "Party Down South" could be seen with the camera crews outside of their King's Krest home in Murrells Inlet.

Around 15 miles away in Myrtle Beach, filming for the second season of TLC's "Myrtle Manor" was also underway at Patrick's Mobile Home Park. Security was tight to keep onlookers away from the set.

Cecil Patrick is the owner of Patrick's Mobile Home Park. Since he's been through filming before, he has seen the success of having a reality show in his backyard. He told WPDE NewsChannel 15 that Patrick's Mobile Home has become the first and last stop destination for people coming and leaving the beach.

Patrick said he thought two reality shows in this area couldn't hurt.

"With two reality shows, I think you're going to get more people coming. I mean I don't know how much this other show is going to film in Murrells Inlet, but if they do a full season, then it's going to be a destination like we are," Patrick said.

Some Murrells Inlet residents aren't so sure they want to be a destination in that way. Warren Stedman who lives near the home where they're filming said he's quickly learning what it's like to live around the set of a reality show.

"I just observed some guy doing a beer funnel. I don't know if people know what that is, but it's trying to induce more alcohol quicker into your body," said Stedman.

He also has observed other disorderly behavior from the cast members.

"They were using cuss words, every word you could think of loudly. I could hear it from my porch," Stedman said.

Stedman said his quality of life has gotten worse since filming started on Saturday. He is concerned that if the show is a success, then they will come back for a second season or more.

"The production manager said they are here to make a success of it. That's his job, and they'll be back. And that's what we are even more afraid of, that it's a hit show, and they'll be back," Stedman said.

Stedman said he's also noticed an increase in boat traffic around his home, as well as his neighbors' homes. He said people have been driving their boats in the area to try to catch a glimpse of the show.