Grand Strand could be 'iced-out' by December

New plans to bring an ice rink to the Grand Strand are now in motion.

These plans include building a temporary, outdoor ice rink, according to Grand Strand Ice Management CEO Steve Elias.

Elias has reached out to officials at the Myrtle Beach Speedway and the Carolina Forest Recreation Center to find out if he can build a temporary ice rink at one of those locations. He still needs permission to do move forward with that.

Both facilities have power sources that will be able to keep the outdoor rink cool enough, even if the temperatures aren't extremely cold outdoors.

The goal for this rink is to gauge the public's interest in ice skating and to show potential investors that a permanent ice rink is needed along the Grand Strand.

"They need the outlet. They need something to do other than the summertime activities. There are no wintertime activities for the permanent residents here," Elias said.

Elias says the biggest challenge to date has been finding enough funding to build a permanent ice rink, which can cost millions of dollars.

The goal is to set-up this temporary rink by December. It will be open through January for the trial run and could stay open longer, as long as weather permits and people stay interested.

Elias' has been trying since 2010 to bring an ice rink to the beach. Currently, the closest rinks are around 90 miles away in Wilmington, NC., and Charleston.

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