Governor Haley trying to patch struggling Marlboro County job outlook

The state's latest unemployment numbers show the jobless rate is headed in the wrong direction, and it's even more concerning if you live in Marlboro County.

The hunt for jobs brought the unemployed out in the hundreds to a job fair at Marlboro County High School on Saturday.

"(I'm)trying to get a job, trying to better myself," said Jeffery Lang of Cheraw.

"It's quite difficult because the economy doesn't offer a lot of skilled labor," said Earlean Hall of Clio.

"I've been out of work since February 1st, 2011," said Cheraw resident Eric Curry. "There used to be, but you can't find jobs like you used to."

With her Original Six Foundation, Haley is trying to put a patch on the state's struggling economy, especially in rural communities.

"It's free signups for GED's. There's a job fair," said Governor Haley. "It teaches them how to write resumes. This is basically telling all of these people in Marlboro County, you have a great county. We're here to help, and we're not going anywhere."

Marlboro County ranks second worst in the state with an unemployment rate of 17.6.

That's more than eight percentage points higher than state average of 9.4.

"It shows that I have to work harder," said Governor Haley. "It means i've got to recruit more businesses but we need to focus in more on the job training and i will do that. i won't stop it's my number one priority jobs and the economy in South Carolina.

This is the second consecutive month there's been a rise in the state's unemployment rate.

But it's well below the June 2011 rate of 10.5.

"We've had over 26,000 jobs announced since I took office. That's great, but what that is showing us is that we need to train these people to train for these jobs."

The Original Six Foundation also gave out free school supplies to children and free health screenings for everyone Saturday.

The volunteer organization was set up by Governor Haley last year.