Governor Haley talks about tax relief, job creation, and Facebook

Governor Nikki Haley talked with NewsChannel 15 in an exclusive interview on Tuesday about a wide range of topics.

House Democrats are requesting that the governor agree to waive her right to confidentiality if a complaint against her is brought before the house ethics committee.

The suit states Haley illegally lobbied a state agency when she was a state representative. Something she denies.

She did not mince words when talking about the illegal lobbying allegations, calling out John Rainey, an upstate Republican, and Dick Harpootlian, chairman of the state Democratic Party.

"What I will tell you is, this is a crotchety old man, John Rainey, who has never liked me through the campaign, who is now partnered with the worst Dick Hartpootlian, and they have watched the fact that the state ethics commission said that we did nothing wrong that a former U.S. Attorney said we have done nothing wrong, they took it to court and now they've continued on with something," says Haley.

The governor also talked about job creation. Something she says can be achieved in part through tax relief. She is urging lawmakers to pass her tax restructuring plan which would eventually do away with the state's corporate income tax.

According to the governor, "It's one of those things if you do it, more (businesses) will come. We need to do that, if my job is to make sure people who want to have a job, have a job, if we bring unemployment down to 9.3 percent when it was 12 while I was campaigning, let me bring it down further. But I can't do it without the tools that a salesman needs to be able to sell their state."

Finally we talked about Facebook. Haley is a big music fan and you can often find her posting about the songs she's listening to on the social networking site. So does she compose her updates, or does a staffer? Haley says it's all her. "Absolutely I do my own Facebook, I've always done my own Facebook. And I read all the posts read all the comments, and it's what I love it's the way I keep interacting with the people. And I'm a music lover.

You can NewsChannel 15's entire interview with Governor Haley Sunday morning at 9:00 on WPDE.