Gov. Haley welcomes gun maker, gets commemorative SC rifle

Governor Nikki Haley is now the owner of a new, made-in-Horry County product.

It's a South Carolina commemorative rifle, made by PTR Industries in Aynor.

PTR officials say the limited edition rifle is a way for them to say thank you to the people of the state for what they felt was a warm welcome.

It's also a way for the company to make a statement about gun rights and the Second Amendment.

Before claiming the rifle, Haley got a guided tour of the PTR plant Monday.

PTR moved to Aynor last year, after its home state of Connecticut passed a strict gun control law that outlawed PTR's rifles in that state.

Haley said she wants gun makers to know South Carolina will not politicize their products.

"We are South Carolinians who love our guns, who love to hunt, who love to use it as a sport and we appreciate it, and any company that decides to manufacture here, we're going to welcome them," Haley said.

The commemorative rifle features an engraved Palmetto tree and crescent moon logo on its receiver.

On opposite sides of the gun's barrel are engraved the words "We the People" and "Shall not be Infringed".

"The idea was to symbolize South Carolina and its support for the Second Amendment, and so we put both of those things on the rifle," said PTR CEO Josh Fiorini.

Fiorini said the company has nearly 50 people working at its Aynor plant now, with plans to add more.

"Right now, we only make rifles in two calibers and anyone who's a gun enthusiast knows there's a lot more than two, so we plan to keep moving ahead, to keep expanding the product line," he said.

PTR workers said they hope Haley's visit gives the company a boost.

"She said she would help us out in whatever we need and we're trying to help out the economy here, too as well, so I think it's a good relationship we have," said assembly worker Sean Pinkerton.

The company will make one thousand of the commemorative rifles. The guns will sell for around $1,200 each at local gun stores.

Haley's rifle is personalized with a custom serial number: SCGOVNH.