Golson's former head coach praises now Notre Dame QB

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WPDE) - A young man with roots in Horry County will play on college football's grandest stage, and his former head coach says he knew the Notre Dame quarterback was destined for greatness.

With a win against the University of Southern California, former Myrtle Beach seahawks quarterback Everett Golson punched his team's ticket to the BCS National Champion.

Before he reached national stardom, Golson was superstar on the Chevy Endzone, making his debut in the fall of 2007.

After years of losing to their rivals Conway, Golson took control of the team as a freshman.

He replaced the area passing leader, sparked a comeback and reclaimed the victory bell for his school...all at just 14-years-old.

That game started the legend that made him a two-time WPDE Zoneman winner.

"First time I got my hands on him was in the eighth grade," said seahawks head coach Mickey Wilson. "He's just a tremendous kid. His parents should be extremely proud."

Wilson guided Golson throughout his high school career.

He watched the game saturday night with his family, but he says it felt as if one of his own was playing.

"It's definitely like watching one of your own sons out there playing," said Wilson. "It makes for interesting Saturdays. You're sitting around the house. You're throwing things. jumping up and down and cheering."

Wilson said he's not surprised to see the young man he met six years ago being a leader once again. Golson and The Fighting Irish will compete in the BCS National Championship on January 7 in Miami.

"We knew that when he went to Notre Dame he was going to do great things. We just didn't think it was going to happen this soon."

A star ignited on the Grand Strand but now shining bright on the national stage.