Golf prodigy getting another swing at championship

A Grand Strand golf prodigy is getting another swing at winning the World Amateur Handicap Golf Tournament.

Wednesday afternoon, 11-year-old Kayla Parsons got in some final practice swings for the tournament that begins August 27th.

Last year, Kayla was disqualified from the tournament after she played well above her 30 handicap.

Tournament committee members prohibited Kayla from competing the rest of her scheduled rounds for the 2011 event.

Kayla's handicap this year is 14.4, which means she shoots an average twelve over par.

She said she's very hopeful about this year's tournament and she plans to learn from the people she competes against.

"Cause I'm the youngest one there and there are a whole bunch of people that are older than me in experience of how they hit," said Kayla.

The tournament is being held at dozens of courses along the Grand Strand.

Organizers said there are 3100 competitors signed up for this year's World Am Handicap.