Golf cart stolen from partially paralyzed Vietnam Veteran

UPDATE: Tourtellotte said someone has stepped up and donated a new golf cart to Lide. He said Lide should have it by Wednesday. "Thanks for the great response, what a great community," said Tourtellotte.

After losing the use of half his body after a stroke, one Vietnam veteran has now lost something else: his golf cart, after it was stolen on Saturday.

The golf cart was used to help veteran Lide Edwards get around after a stroke five years ago left him partially paralyzed.

"He has no use of his right just prevents him from doing what he wants to do," explained Veterans Welcome Home and Resource Center Director Kris Tourtellotte.

Edwards can't drive a car so the golf cart was his only way of getting around and the only freedom he had to take himself where he needed to go.

For now, Tourtellotte helps Edwards get around, but knows he needs to help Edwards get his freedom back.

"You just want to get out and see somebody and talk to somebody, another human being and you couldn't do it because somebody stole your golf cart," Tourtellotte explained.

As difficult as it is for Edwards to speak, he managed to utter these three words about his golf cart: ""

With minimal income, Tourtellotte said Edwards can't afford another one. "We get his check here every week for $120 and he's got to buy all of his food and his meals, pay some other stuff with it. That doesn't go a whole lot."

So Edwards and Tourtellotte are asking their community for help.

"The hopes are that we get a reliable replacement somehow and that the community steps up like they always do."

To help, they're asking that you call the Veterans Welcome Home and Resource Center at 843-427-4568.