Get rewarded for recycling phone books

Whether you use them or trash them, HTC will be delivering more than 260,000 phone books to residents and businesses in Horry County within the next month.

Despite the popularity of getting information from the internet, Nicole Hyman, a marketing coordinator at HTC, says there is still demand for a printed directory.

"They can access the hurricane evacuation routes, they can access the tide charts, they look up golf course listings, and some people just like the traditional way of searching for information," Hyman says.

People like Cabe Carlton of Myrtle Beach agree with Hyman.

"Well they gotta look out for the people with a little age on them like me. They're not really into the internet as much as young people," Carlton said.

But people like Linda Bauer of Conway say printing a phone book is just a waste of everyone's time.

"I think it's ridiculous especially because there's three or four of them at a time," Bauer said.

For those who don't want to keep the phone book lying around the house, HTC has a program where you take your phone book to any school or HTC office and get coupon rewards for your recycling efforts.

"In return, they actually receive coupons from our partners- Auntie Ann's, Medieval Times, Wendy's and Myrtle Beach Family as well. They provide coupons for every book that's recycled," Hyman said.

This week, HTC also launched a free mobile app where people can access all of the information found in the printed phone book.

"I think people are used to having apps for just about anything, so I think it's nice to have an app specifically for yellow pages," Hyman added.

The app is available on both Apple and Android platforms.

Anyone who has not received a 2013 HTC phone book can also pick one up for free at any of HTC's nine locations.