Georgia man still missing in Myrtle Beach

Johnny Lamar Brown,44, has been missing in Myrtle Beach since August 3rd, 2012. Johnny is from Georgia and this was his family's first vacation outside of Georgia.

Johnny has special needs, including a severe speech impediment that complicates him being able to communicate with others.

"He's not able to verbalize, 'Hey, I'm missing, says can you call the police and have somebody help me? I don't know how to get home,'" says Myrtle Beach Police Lt. Eric DiLorenzo.

He knows a few phrases like Rudy Pops, which he calls his mom, Julie, his sister's name, and Blackie, which is his dog's name.

Johnny will often say that he needs to get back to the Waffle House and the McDonalds, this is in reference to his home in Georgia.

He has been spotted several times along the Grand Strand, including the Conway, Surfside Beach, and Murrells Inlet areas.

Police say the biggest obstacle hasn't been Johnny's inability to communicate, but with how late tips are arriving in to police.

"Biggest challenge we've faced is people have delayed calling us. We've gotten information two to four days old, which has really hindered us," says DiLorenzo. "So we do urge, if you do see him, call us immediately, even if you think it's him, might be him."

DiLorenzo says Johnny is afraid of the police, so if you see him and ask him if you should call the police for him, he may say no.

If you see him, call police or 911 immediately. Then DiLorenzo asks you to keep him in sight until the police arrive.

Johnny is in the National Database for missing people, so anywhere you are if you call your local police station or 911, they can find Johnny's case number.