Georgetown port dredging closer to happening

The project to dredge the Port of Georgetown is closer to starting than it has been in years.

A funding status report for the dredging project was announced by the Georgetown Port Task on Wednesday to members of the community.

It will cost around $33 million to dig out 15 miles of the channel to a depth of 27 feet.

The state has set aside $18 million for the project.

Federal and local money still needs to be secured at this time.

However, State Lt. Governor Yancey McGill says he's optimistic federal funding will be secured before the end of this year.

Georgetown County council members decided Monday to put a question on the November ballot that would raise the sales tax by 1-cent.

This would help raise around $6 million for the dredging project and other community improvement projects.

A similar measure was put on the ballot in November of 2012, but was rejected by voters.

One voter says she wouldn't know which way to vote, because she doesn't know enough about this issue to make an educated decision.

"I'm not sure I know enough about the actual issue to be well informed enough to actually vote and I think it would be a missed opportunity. So, I do hope the committee would do a little more PR and more educating for the local community," said Latika Dickerson.

The dredging project will ultimately allow both bigger and a higher volume of ships to travel to and from the port.

Many lawmakers this project will stimulate economic growth in our area and statewide by creating hundreds of jobs.