Georgetown County School members pray before meeting, just not IN the meeting

Tuesday evening Georgetown County School Board held a meeting with a full agenda. One thing that wasn't on there though, was a prayer.

After ACLU sent a Freedom of Information Act request to all South Carolina school districts asking about prayer in their schools, in response, Georgetown County pulled prayer from their meetings.

So it was the board's decision to elect to go to a moment of silence," said Superentendent Dr. Randy Doizer.

On their September 18th meeting, the school board did not participate in any sort of prayer.

Tuesday evening was a little different.

"We were told we really couldn't pray at the school board meeting anymore so this was our first effort of addressing that issue," said pastor Ted Sherrill.

Pastor Sherrill offered his church, First Baptist Church of Georgetown to members of the community and the school board to pray before the school board meeting began.

They say around 75 people attended.

Sherrill says this is a solution, but hopefully only a temporary one.

"Hopefully it will morph into something more efficient closer to the school, closer to the property," said Sherrill.

Superentendent Doizer says although prayer has been removed from the meetings, the influence of religion in the school has not.

"We have prayer clubs before school, after school, and those certainly meet the guidelines," said Doizer.

Doizer also agreed that praying at a separate building is only a temporary solution.