Georgetown County filming ordinance moves forward

On Tuesday, the Georgetown County Council passed the second reading of an ordinance that regulates filming within county lines.

The idea of a film ordinance was introduced after CMT shot its reality show "Party Down South" in a quiet, residential neighborhood along the marsh.

A small group of residents, who lived around the film set, came to Tuesday night's meeting to show their support for the ordinance.

Leon Rice was part of the group. Rice has been a proponent of this proposed filming ordinance from the beginning, and he told WPDE NewsChannel 15 how he felt after the council's decision.

"It'll balance the interests and protect us and Murrells Inlet and others in Georgetown County, and we are gratified that we were able to get some regulations in place since they had no film ordinances previously," Rice said.

On September 26, the council had delayed the second reading because the ordinance was still in the process of being drafted.

The third reading of the proposed ordinance will be brought up in the county council on Oct. 22. If passed, then it will become law.

The proposed ordinance includes requirements for a permit prior to filming, an application fee, and restrictions on the time, place, and manner of filming.