Georgetown businesses begin road to recovery after storm surge, flooding from Irma


Many businesses in downtown Georgetown experienced inches of flooding from Hurricane Irma. Some of the hardest hit were along Front Street.

"It's devastating, it's kind of heartbreaking. Still, at the same time, we're lucky, we're blessed,because it could be a lot worse," said Jordan Player, a barber at Cutting Edge Barber Shop.

She spent Tuesday morning mopping the floors with the owners of the shop.

She said they were welcomed by six inches of water Tuesday morning when they came to work. They couldn't get in Monday night because of high water levels.

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"It doesn't take us but a day to come on in and clean up and get back out there," said Player, who was eager to get back to work.

Part of the reason the shop only had six inches of water were the sandbags placed in front of the door.

Sandbags also helped Adam Smith. The owner of Groucho's Deli said he had three inches of water outside his door, and lots of it seeped in.

But, he prepared for this last year. The main dining section of his restaurant sits feet above the initial entrance.

He was able to operate with business as usual Tuesday. Still, he was surprised.

"I don't think we got quite the storm surge we expected, but the water came anyway," he said.

Farther down Front Street, Castaway's Bar and Grill appeared to get much of the flooding.

"The mopping, it's like nonstop," said Ashley Forbes.

Forbes helped out at the bar and he is a cousin to the owners.

She said she's not sure when it will open back up. Her family puts a lot into the restaurant.

"Hopefully it won't take too long cause you know this is their life," said Forbes.

Many business owners said they prepared for flooding -- it's part of being so close to the water on low ground. But they said it's hard to prepare for exactly how much water they were going to get from Irma.

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