Gas could go below $3 soon

Halloween could mean more than tricks and treats this year.

According to a, between September 19 to Halloween, gas prices could drop 20-25 cents.

Lower prices this time of year isn't uncommon, it's happened for the past five years.

"After Labor Day, we start to see gas prices come down. And that's just because demand is lower. We have fewer people that are driving on family vacations to the beach, so because demand goes down, gas prices follow," said Angela Daley, the director of Communications for AAA Carolinas in Charlotte, NC.

People fueling-up at the pump were also pleased with the prices on Friday, including Dave Workman. One week ago, Workman paid $3.29 per gallon for regular. However, a week later, he only paid $3.12 per gallon.

At this rate, Workman said he will start to pay for premium gas, because it will become more affordable prices drop.

It's not just the average consumer that benefits, some local businesses also benefit when gas prices are down, including Flowers by Richard in Myrtle Beach.

Richard Rogers said they have to pay less cash to fuel their delivery cars.

He also said that flower stores see extra business when gas prices are lower because people have more money to spend on luxury items like flowers.

AAA representatives said the only way the gas prices could increase or remain the same would be if a hurricane came through the area.

Gas prices were 45-cents higher this time last year because of Hurricane Isaac.