Galivants Ferry teen arrested after a detailed plan to stab and rape girl was found

Photo courtesy: J. Reuben Long Detention Center

Horry County Police have arrested Chris Heuser, 18, of Galivants Ferry, on charges of Attempted Murder, Burglary in the First Degree and Malicious Damage, after police linked a written plan to rape and kill an Horry County teenage girl back to him.

On Sunday


two people contacted Horry County police after finding a wallet and knives next to their home on Joyner Swamp Road in Galivants Ferry.

Inside that wallet was a 14-part plan to stab, rape and dump a body and the estimated time it would take to complete the task from start to finish, according to responding officers.

The letter referred to a "her" and concerned a female living at the home where the letter was found outside.

The teenage girl contacted police because she said she was concerned after Heuser repeatedly stopped by her house, saying he was searching for his lost cell phone.

Officers then went to Heuser's home just down the street from the female victim's house. Upon searching Heuser's room, police found a letter on a desk with "what appeared to be the exact handwriting as the letter found in the ditch next to the house that was broken into", according to a police report.

Heuser was then taken into custody and

officers say he

later confessed to hiding in the ditch next to the female's house with two of his mother's kitchen knives.

According to the report, Heuser admits to cutting the victim's car tires then broke into her house in an effort to find her.

Upon learning she wasn't home, Heuser left the area and lost his plan along the way, the report added.

Heuser remains in police custody.