Front Street fire victims feel community's love and support

It's been four days since a fire destroyed seven buildings along historic Front Street in Georgetown and on Saturday the community came together to help those who lost their homes and their jobs as a result of the fire.

Rronnie Bellamy woke up Wednesday morning to flames. His home was one of those on Front Street that went up in flames.

"I had like two minutes to make moves. I had a chance to grab nothing but a cell phone...came downstairs, started beating on doors because I knew people lived upstairs," he explained.

Within minutes, seven buildings on his block had all caught fire.

"After that the firemen started busting down doors, breaking them in, saving people," Bellamy explained.

In the end, his home, like so many others along the street was reduced to rubble.

Fortunately, no one was seriously injured, but there's still rebuilding to be done and on Saturday, Bellamy's community came together to help those who lost their homes or their jobs.

Restaurants like Thomas Cafe offered free meals to those directly impacted.

At Wildfish Grill, employees held a fundraiser and raised money for those who lost so much.

"We've got a long way to go and hopefully this can give them a little cushion through the next month until they can secure steady employment," explained one of Wildfish Grill's owners, Trevor Day.

On Saturday, Bellamy was reminded that's he's got an entire community of support.

"It's over 150 people affected by this, and maybe even more but I think we're going to be all right, I think we're going to be all right," Bellamy said.