Freezing out the past, jumping into the new year

      S ome ended 2012 with a cold dip in the ocean at two Polar Plunge events on the Grand Strand Monday .

      One hundred thirty people jumped into the icy Atlantic Ocean for the third annual Ultimate Polar Bear Plunge for a Cure.

      E ach plunger made a donation to the American Cancer Society to take the plunge at Sea Watch Resort on Kings Road in Horry County.

      L ucas Copes was the first one in and the last one out for two years now.

      "I can't feel my feet right now ," he told NewsChannel 15 when he finally came out of the water.

      T hose who took the dip were treated to an after plunge party at the resort.

      A nother group , some decked out in penguin costumes, jumped in about an hour later at Ocean Lakes Campground as part of the resort's New Year's Eve celebration.

      T his is the thirteenth year the resort hosted a plunge.

      T his one wasn't a fundraiser, but it did settle a score.

      "I got kind of a sibling rivalry going on with my army brother over here. I'm marines, so we kind of settled the trash talk right here," a man told us before running back into the ocean with his father.

      About 400 people took the plunge at Ocean Lakes.

      I t was open to anyone staying at the resort.