Freestyle Park to come back to life under new owners

Freestyle Music has sat dormant for two years.

The Myrtle Beach amusement park that's been dormant for two years has a new owner with plans to reopen the park next year.

Freestyle Music Park was purchased from foreclosure this week by the park's mortgage holder, FPI US, LLC.

That means any creditors still owed money by the previous owners will not get it back.

A lawyer representing FPI US said it's too early to tell how the plans to reopen the park will take shape.

"At this point, the lender could either reopen the park themselves, they could sell the park or enter into some sort of agreement with a third party to operate the park on their behalf," said David Slough.

While park officials say the park's rides have been properly maintained over the past two years, a theme park safety expert says it will take some cosmetic repair work to overcome the effects of this area's salty air on the steel coasters.

"Some cases it might be just a little sanding, some cases it might be sand blasting, going all the way down to bare metal," said Ken Martin of KRM Consulting of Richmond, Virginia.

But Martin added, if the new owners comply with the coaster manufacturer's standards and requirements, "there's no question the rides will be safe."

The owner of the Sports Doctors fitness club, just across the street from the park's biggest roller coaster, is excited about having the park reopen and says it'll be good for the whole area.

"I know we're still struggling a lot in this country, but I think Myrtle Beach is doing pretty well and I think we're a great attraction and I think it's one more great thing for this area," said Dr. David Vendergriff.

Vandergriff said reopening the park will improve the aesthetics of the Fantasy Harbour area and could provide a direct benefit to his business.

"Obviously, there's going to be a lot of new employees there, a lot of them are going to being doing hard difficult work where they can come in here and get chiropractic care from our chiropractors."

The park operated for one season as Hard Rock Park in 2008, then one year as Freestyle Music Park in 2009 and has been closed ever since.