Four teens arrested for streaking and skinny dipping

Elijah Betz

Four teenage boys from Virginia spent the night in North Myrtle Beach jail after police say they found them streaking on the beach and in the ocean.

Police say they started receiving several complaints around 9:30 p.m. Monday that four teens were running naked along the beach in and out of the ocean, according to a police report.

Police say when they arrived at the beach near 17th Ave. North, they found Dionys Beck, Elijah Betz, Byron Sullivan and Dominique Thompson-Pastrana, all 18 years old, running naked.

When the boys saw the police, they ran into the ocean to get dressed, the report says.

Police then called the boys out from the water. Thompson-Pastrana, Sullivan and Betz all walked out with their swimsuits on. Beck was still naked and police gave him a trash bag to cover up.

All four were arrested and charged with nudity. Their bonds were set at $315.