Four shootings since Saturday in Myrtle Beach have business owners concerned

Four shootings in Myrtle Beach since Saturday doesn't send a good message to visitors, the owner of New York Pizza Kitchen Max Alon said. (Sydney Glenn/WPDE)

Myrtle Beach is marketed as an affordable, family-friendly destination and that's exactly how many business owners on Ocean Boulevard want to be known.

But, four shootings in Myrtle Beach since Saturday doesn't send that message to visitors, the owner of New York Pizza Kitchen Max Alon said.

"It doesn't look good for Ocean Boulevard and I hope it's not going to affect us from the families coming to Ocean Boulevard," he said.

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The manager for Peaches Corner said these past few days reminded him of Memorial Day weekend.

"This weekend was real busy, real crazy. We had the shootings, we had fightings, we had everything going on this week. It looked like bike week," Robert Alston said.

Alon also said he hopes this won't impact business.

"Repeating business, customers, families, they're going to see that online when they come from New York or whatever, so I hope they will still come and we won't be affected by that," he said.

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There didn't seem to be enough police officers in the area, Alston said.

"Where were they? There were too many people for the police to handle the crowd," he said.

Myrtle Beach Police Lieutenant Joey Crosby said there were increased patrols. He said there were 12 officers assigned to 3rd Avenue South to 21st Avenue North. In addition, there were two traffic officers in the area, as well as street crime officers in plain clothes, which consisted of gang unit and warrant officers, and command officers.

Alston said, whenever things start to get out of hand, they shut down.

"We close earlier so our employees, nothing happens to them if a stray bullet comes around. We try to keep everyone safe so we can get out and go home to our families," he said.

Crosby said the department will continue to give additional officers and resources to the boulevard. He added, they can only allocate so many officers to this particular area because they have to address issues and create visibly across the city.

Crosby said it has to be a collaborative effort between law enforcement, city officials and business owners.

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