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      Four bitten in the ocean off the coast of Myrtle Beach

      Horry County Fire Rescue says four people were bitten by a marine animal or animals Thursday afternoon.

      Firefighters cannot say if the bites were caused by a shark, but a lifeguard on the scene said he was pretty sure it was.

      Witnesses say at least one of the bites happened near 74th Avenue North in Myrtle Beach. Another was near 77th Avenue North.

      Lifeguards kept people out of the ocean for about an hour.

      The bites are not expected to be life-threatening. We're told the victims were bitten in their feet, calves or both.

      Three of the victims were taken to the hospital by ambulance and another went in a personal car.

      A witness told us one of the victims was in chest deep water when it happened.

      "There were about five large indentations on his calf. The blood was pouring down to his ankle and he had five sets of teeth marks," said John Gonas.

      Typically shark bites happen near piers, but these incidents were not near the piers. Witnesses did say there were people fishing from the shore.

      "Stay away from the fisherman. There were guys fishing down there with live bait, so we're thinking that's what triggered the bites probably," said Mark Harris.

      Most of the beachgoers talked to say the incidents won't ruin their vacations, but one did say he would stick to the pool for the remainder of his vacation.

      Myrtle Beach Police Beach Patrol officers say the number of marine animal bites that happen are low considering the number of people who visit the Grand Strand.