Foundation makes local boy's surfing dream a reality

A foundation is doing everything possible to make sure children in our area can afford skateboarding and surfing equipment.

At Sunday's Surf and Skate Expo in Murrells Inlet, Surf Dreams Foundation founder Phil Jackson helped raise money for this cause.

For Anthony Biondo, 9, and his Mom Tracy, that meant the world.

"We lost our home last summer and unfortunately we're actually packing because we have to move again because we can't stay where we are again," Tracy Biondo explained.

After not being able to afford their house payments, Biondo and her family have been forced to cut back, all while trying to maintain some form of stability.

"You don't want to take away from what your kids love the most, you don't want to see that sad look on their face when you say oh, we can't do this, we can't go on vacation. You want to give everything that you can to them," Biondo said.

Surf Dreams Foundation is working to make sure Biondo can. So far, the foundation's given Anthony a surfboard and a skateboard.

"I'm just happy to help you know if I can help one kid, change his life, then it's worth it for me," Jackson explained.

Recently, Surf Dreams gave even more. Anthony was surprised to find out he's one of twelve kids going on a free surf trip to Cocoa Beach, Florida.

"It was one of my dreams to go to Cocoa Beach and when I figured out that I was going to Cocoa Beach from Phil I couldn't even say anything I was so excited," Anthony said.

Anthony's Mom was surprised too. "To have something that he wants and to see things happen for him is just amazing."

Since January, Surf Dreams Foundation has provided equipment to more than 20 underprivileged children and raised more than $7,000. To donate click here.