Foundation gives scholarship to fallen soldier's children

The Folds of Honor foundation presented scholarships Wednesday to the children of a soldier killed in Afghanistan.

Nearly six months ago, April Trent's husband, U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Nelson D. Trent was killed in the line of duty. She said watching her children cope has been the hardest part.

"In Arlington when they presented us our flag...watching them hand Cameron and her reaching out to get it with her hands being so little, like, I had to reach over and help her because it was so much for her being so little and it just it killed me," April explained.

April and Nelson were serving in Afghanistan when enemy forces attacked Nelson's unit with an improvised explosive device, leaving April without a husband and his two children, Cameron and David, without a father.

"There are days that I just want to lock myself in my room and cry or just be completely alone, and I can't do that because of my children," she said.

On Wednesday at North Myrtle Beach City Hall, the Folds of Honor Foundation did what they could to make David and Cameron's loss just a little more bearable. The foundation gave both children scholarships to private school and $20,000 scholarships for college.

With their future a little more secure, where does April go from here?

"I know I'm definitely going to stay in the military and retire," she explained.

It's what April loves and what Nelson loved too.

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