Former state representative indicted on harrassment charge

Thad Viers

An Horry County grand jury indicted former State Representative Thad Viers Thursday on one count of harrassment and one count of stalking.

Stalking is a felony, and carries a sentence of up to five years in prison. First-degree harassment is a misdemeanor that carries up to three years behind bars.

The indictment means jurors found there was enough evidence for the case to move forward.

Myrtle Beach police charged Viers with harrassment in January, after his ex-girlfriend said he continued to call, email, text and visit her after she asked him not to.

Viers resigned from the House of Representatives Wednesday, saying he knew an indictment on the harrassment charge was coming.

Although the charge was filed in Horry County, the 15th Circuit Solicitor's Office will not handle the case because Viers' ex-girlfriend works in that office. Instead it's being handled by 4th Circuit Solicitor Will Rogers.

We asked Rogers why Viers was also indicted for stalking if he hadn't been charged with it. He said, "After reviewing the law and evaluating the facts, they felt it was proper to present a stalking charge to the grand jury in addition to the original harrassment charge. The grand jury indicted Viers on both charges, stalking and harrassment."

Viers represented District 68, which includes the Socastee area of Horry County, from 2002-2012.

Four years ago, Viers pleaded no contest to threatening to beat and sexually assault a man dating his estranged wife. He paid a $500 fine for unlawful communication.

The Associated Press contributed to this report