Former Myrtle Beach car dealer sentenced to prison

File image of Lavin Cars

Harry "Howie" Lavin was sentenced to 6 and 1/2 years in prison and will have to pay over $8 million in restitution after pleading guilty in December 2013 to bank fraud.

Howie Lavin co-owned Lavin Cars, an Horry County car dealership that shut down on May 10.

Howie Lavin was accused of check kiting, which is writing a check for a value greater than the account balance.

Shortly after the dealership closed Crescom bank filed a lawsuit against Lavin cars saying that they owed the bank more than $1.9 million, with accruing interest.

The Lavin family has been selling cars in the Myrtle Beach area since 1987.

Howie Lavin will be out on bond for 30 to 60 days before he has to report to the Federal Bureau of Prisons.