Former Hard Rock Park roller coasters for sale

Want to buy a good used roller coaster? The owner of the former Freestyle Music Park has a bunch of them for sale.

The park opened as Hard Rock Park in 2008 and went bankrupt after one season. New owners took over, renamed it Freestyle Music Park and again failed after one season. It's been closed since the fall of 2009.

The company that held the mortgage took over two years ago.

Now, Ital International LLC of Nashville, Tennessee, a broker of new and used amusement rides, has listed more than a dozen of the rides from the former Hard Rock Park on its website, including the park's signature roller coaster, The Time Machine, formerly, the Led Zepplin.

"That's the biggest shame of it all," said Martin Durham, the park's former vice president for entertainment. "That's going away and I rode it personally maybe 50 times, an old guy like me and it was a lot of fun, it really was."

Items for sale from the park include a water park, a tree house playground and several children's rides.

Durham says many factors led to the park's demise, with the recession that hit right as it opened being the biggest culprit.

Durham thinks the park could have survived, had its second owner not become discouraged after one year.

"I think if Freestyle had stuck it out, if the owner had let them stay with it, I think it would have been successful today."

Durham, who now manages the former Waccamaw Pottery property across the street from the theme park, says the Fantasy Harbour site has a lot of potential and will eventually be developed into something successful, maybe a shopping center or nightlife location.

But he says it's likely the theme park is gone for good.

"Lots of the community supported it, a lot of folks that I still run into have their hopes that it'll come back, I just don't see it in its current existence reopening."