Former Darlington County deputy found not guilty of assaulting suspect

Rosemary Parham, the attorney for former Darlington County sheriff's deputy William Everette Tindal, says a Darlington County jury exonerated him of charges of Misconduct in Office and Third Degree Assault and Battery Wednesday.

According to an arrest warrant, on March 9, 2011, Tindal assaulted a man whom he arrested for Driving Under the Influence, Threatening a Law Enforcement Officer and Open Container.

The warrant says Tindal slapped the suspect "on or about the head," while the suspect was handcuffed.

Parham says Tindal's actions were in reaction to the suspect pinching Tindal's hand.

"We are pleased with the jury's verdict. It is a shame when law enforcement officers are charged with a crime for lawfully protecting themselves. Billy lost his job and suffered a great deal personally due to this investigation," Parham said.

The suspect, John Anderson, Jr. is currently in the Darlington County Detention Center for new charges of Threatening the Life of a Public Official, Assaulting a Police Officer, and Resisting Arrest, according to Parham.