Former clerk accused of embezzlement

Janice McKnight, photo courtesy of Florence County sheriff deputies

State police say the former clerk of the Lake City Municipal Court embezzled money from the office.

Janice McKnight, 42, was arrested Tuesday morning and charged with three counts of Embezzlement.

On September 16 of 2011, while working as clerk, McKnight received payment for a $231 fine and then converted that money to her own personal use, although she issued a receipt to the payer, according to a police report.

The money was never deposited into the court account, the report states.

On December 27, 2011, McKnight received a fine payment of $113.30 but never deposited it into the judicial court account, however, she issued the payer a receipt for the fine amount, according to a police report.

In November of 2012, McKnight had the court money box in her possession to perform her duties as clerk and later the box was searched by other court officials and it was discovered $36.44 was missing from the box, the report added.

The report states that McKnight was the only person with the key and combination to the money box.

Lake City court officials say McKnight resigned from the position in December.

They say she worked as a clerk for about a year and a half.