Former Atlantic Beach Mayor in court for charge from 2007

Former Atlantic Beach Mayor Retha Pierce was back in court Wednesday on a reckless driving charge from Christmas Day 2007.

Judge Benjamin Culbertson ruled that because the charge was so long ago, he had to contact the judge in the original case.

Culbertson explained the case would remain under advisement, and he would contact Pierce after reaching out to the original judge.

WPDE NewsChannel 15 spoke with Pierce after the case was heard.

"I'm not infuriated as I am gravely concerned about how the people can be done so wrongly with this matrix of illusion that's going on with politicians and with regulating bureaucrats," Pierce explained.

At the same time Pierce was charged with reckless driving, she was also charged with resisting arrest.

In 2011, a jury found her guilty of that resisting arrest charge. She was sentenced to one year, which was suspended to 18 months probation.