Forget the snow, some enjoy a sandy Christmas

For many parts of the country people enjoyed a white, snowy Christmas, that was not the case for the Grand Strand.

Many vacationers and residents took to the beach to celebrate the holiday in a new, warmer way.

"Walking the beach, enjoying a nice day out," said North Carolina vacationer, Chester Cobb.

However some came to the beach simply to avoid the winter weather.

"I think I'll come to beach instead of go up into the snow," said vacationer, John Bosler.

Some of the vacationers don't miss their snowy Christmasses at all.

"No I don't like winter, so i'm glad to be here," said Elaine Rideout.

Most just watch the tide and enjoy the day and look towards a new year.

"Christmas is supposed to be about peace and taking it easy and it can be kind of hectic, so this felt like an easy way to spend the holiday," said Bosler.

The Grand Strand also had a special visitor this Christmas, a 16 foot Great White Shark, Mary Lee. She was 2500 feet off of Myrtle Beach Tuesday.

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