Food truck ordinance to be discussed at Horry County meeting

File image of Karl Moser and his mobile food truck. Moser was one of the first people to ask Horry Count government to consider allowing food trucks to operate.

Thursday the Horry County Planning Commission approved a draft ordinance to allow food trucks to operate in Horry County.

The ordinance allows for a year-long pilot program in the county. Fifty permits for food trucks, as well as ice cream trucks, would be issued for the pilot program.

After the first ten months, the program will be evaluated and any proposed changes to the ordinance would head to county council for its consideration.

The draft ordinance calls for the trucks to be inspected by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control and fire officials. The employees would also have to pass background checks, provide a ten-year driving record and the sites of operation for the food truck would need to be approved.

"It really is a move towards something adventurous that people at one time were afraid to take that step in that direction. Now it's that time for us to take hold of it and roll with it," said Brian Beverley of North Myrtle Beach.

If approved at the meeting, the ordinance would then go to the Infrastructure & Regulation Committee on Sept. 22 and then to Horry County Council for three readings.