Food donations needed at crisis agency

Food pantry at Helping Hand of Myrtle Beach.

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WPDE) - An agency that helps people in crisis needs your help. Helping Hand of Myrtle Beach assists people with things like prescriptions, bus tickets and their electricity bills. Right now they're low on food they give out to families.

For more than four decades Helping Hand of Myrtle Beach has helped those in our community who have fallen on hard times. In 2012, they helped 27,372 people and provided $176,252 worth of direct client assistance.

"If you're just squeaking by with two people working full time and you lose a day's pay, that really makes a huge impact or somebody gets sick," explained Adrian Weatherwax, Executive Director of Helping Hand. "All it takes is just one little bump in the road and it just snowballs, and you end up here for either food or gas or help with a prescription."

The food pantry appears to be well stocked, but Weatherwax said what they have will go fast, because they help 50 families a day. This time of year donations are down and need is up.

"This time of year is low, we're always in short supply, because children are out of school. So they're eating breakfast at home. They're eating lunch at home. During the school year, they're eating those things at school," she added.

They're low on items like mixed vegetables, staples like rice, grits and oatmeal. They also need to restock refrigerators with meat.

"I'd like for people to think of Christmas in July would really be wonderful. Do what you were gonna do Christmas time, do it in July not just for this agencym but for every agency because I think we all face the same issues," said Weatherwax.

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