Food bank needs your help this holiday season

Harvest Hope Food Bank says food and money donations are at record lows this year. The organization
is providing food for more families than they have taken in and Thanksgiving week is its busiest week of the year.

"Because of the economy and because of the situations that are in the world today , we just are not rec


the funds and the food that we used to rec


." said Nicole Echols Harvest Hope.

The organization serves eight counties in our area and provides more than 500,000 meals to people and families every month.

"Our demand has doubled from what we had last year.There is a drastic, drastic shortage in our area and people are going hungry everyday in our area," said Michael Murphy Harvest Hope.

Several food drives have been held for Harvest Hope throughout the year, but officials say the drives are not enough.

You can click here to find out how you can donate food or money to the organization.

Officials say they're at a critical point in their donations and they don't want to turn anyone away especially families with children a


the elderly.

"Our seniors are in the same boat. They don't have enough food and they're trying to balance off medical bills with housing cost, heating cost. People having to decide everyday what they're going to do and the last thing that's on their plate is eating. So, that's very concerning with our senior community as well as the kids too

," Murphy explained.

Herbert Ross is counting on people to give to Harvest Hope.

He's a disabled veteran who says he often turns to the organization for help.

"Things so high and my check don't carry me through the month. So, basically Harvest Hope helps me through the month and that's why appreciate," said Herbert Ross.

Harvest Hope partners with 146 organizations throughout the Pee Dee to provide food for the needy.