Flu season hits South Carolina

The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control says the positive rapid flu test shows there ha


been 29 flu cases reported in Horry County, 20 in Florence County, 13 in Darlington County, 3 in Georgetown County and 0 reports in Dillon, Marlboro, and Marion counties.

The reports runs from September 29, which is the beginning of the flu season calendar, through November 2.

Doctors say the best thing to do to protect yourself from getting the flu is to get a flu shot.

Even though some people may think

that it's too late to get a flu shot because the season has already started, pharmacist Katina Richmond says it's never too late.

"Definitely not too late to get the flu shot

. Ma

tter of fact


the CDC recommends that everyone gets vaccinated," said Richmond.

Some people avoid the flu shot because of negative past experiences.

"They actually make you sicker than you actually are. They'll make you sick for like a week


and it's a chance you won't get sick at all


so I usually don't get them," said Tory Willi


ms, Marion County resident.

Richmond says the flu shot takes about two weeks for your body to absorb, and in the meantime you may come into contact with the flu and get infected. She says the shot itself won't get you sick, but it could leave you sore.

Thomas Franklin got his flu shot Thursday as soon as he heard the flu


hit South Carolina.

"I got a flu shot trying to be all safe than sorry. I heard the flu is going around


and usually it takes a couple of weeks for it to kick in. Now is a good time," said Franklin.

The flu shot can even help save a life.

"The flu can be deadly for patients who are immunocompromised

or the elderly," said Richmond.

If feeling ill, make sure you stay home, wash your hands often and cover a cough or sneeze by using your sleeve.

The flu shot is free for people on Medicare, and many vouchers offer free flu shots.

Insurance companies will cover the expense 100 percent or with a co-pay.

For those without insurance, getting a regular flu shot cost



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