Florence woman finds burglar inside her apartment

Viewer submitted photo of the damage done during this burglary. The man on the left was helping to clean up the glass, according to a neighbor.

A Florence woman found a man inside her apartment on Woodstone Drive off of Cherokee Road Tuesday night, according to Lt. Mike Brandt with Florence police.

Brandt said the woman heard a noise in the living room and encountered the man as she walked into the room.

He added there was a brief verbal exchange between the two and the man left.

A neighbor tells us the man threw a rock at the woman's patio door and shattered the door. She said that's how he was able to get inside her apartment.

The neighbor said the man asked the woman for money and she told him she didn't have any cash.

She added the man fumbled around the woman's apartment and left back out through the shattered glass patio door.

Brandt said the man was described as middle aged and wearing white basketball shorts, a dark hoodie and dark shoes.

He said a witness saw a dark colored older model Chevy Tahoe leaving the area around the time of this incident.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Florence Police Department at 843-665-3191 or Crime Stoppers (1-888-CRIMESC / 1-888-274-6372).

So, how can you protect your apartment from intruders?

"The biggest thing is adopting that mindset--what would I do if something happened," Darlington Police Chief Danny Watson said.

Watson said you can start with turning on outside lights and adding alarms to your windows. Both can help deter criminals

"Someone who's breaking the law doesn't want someone to see him," Watson said. "That loud audible alarm and that's gonna actually scare someone away keep them from going in there," Watson said.

Watson also recommends adding a security camera to your home so you can see who comes in.

"If you had someone who broke your door, go out the back door. You don't have to confront them, have a way to get away," Watson said.

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