Florence shooting suspect in custody

Florence police respond to the home of a shooting suspect.

The man police have been searching for in connection with a shooting and a domestic violence incident is in custody.

Police got a tip Friday afternoon that Travis Truett, 31, was in his home on Sidney Drive in Florence.

Police arrived at the home around 3 p.m.

They did surveillance from outside and say they tried to call him on the phone, but he wouldn't answer. They say their Emergency Response Team moved in and found Truett inside.

Police say he wouldn't move on their commands so they had to get physical with him, but no one was hurt.

Police say Truett assaulted his wife outside Creek Ratz restaurant in Florence Thursday night and then minutes later, fired several shots at her friend, hitting him in the thigh. The man was able to run to a nearby store to get help and is expected to be okay.

The shooting happened near a strip mall on South Cashua Drive, but the incident started with two confrontations inside Creek Ratz restaurant.

Witnesses and police say Truett learned his wife and her friend, the man he's accused of shooting, were at Creek Ratz. Witnesses inside the restaurant say Truett came into the bar, grabbed his wife by the arm and the two went outside.

Police say Truett beat his wife in the parking lot, and then she left in her car. We're told Truett then went back in the restaurant and assaulted his wife's friend. Police say he ran out of the restaurant, followed by Truett.

They say Truett fired the shots at the man as he was trying to run to a nearby gas station.

Police plan to charge Truett with attempted murder and criminal domestic violence.