Florence road to get much-needed improvements

Florence Mayor Stephen Wukela announced a major road improvement project Tuesday.

Wukela says the state Department of Transportation will repave, regrade and fix drainage problems on Oakland Avenue in north Florence.

The mayor says the road had been plagued with flooding for decades. He says residents brought the problem to his attention while he was campaigning for mayor in 2008.

Edward Hicks lives in the area. He says on a rainy day, it's hard for cars and school buses to travel Oakland Avenue because of the heavy flooding. Hicks says the road is covered in pot holes and patches. Hicks says it will be a great relief when the road is fixed.

Mayor Wukela says the state is funding the $400,000 project. Wukela says he worked with Senator Hugh Leatherman to see that the project would get done.

Construction on the road is expected to start in the spring.