Florence mayor warns owners about abandoned property

The mayor of Florence is warning those who own abandoned homes to clean up their properties or face action by the city.

Friday, Mayor Stephen Wukela signed notices that will be mailed to nine property owners.

Florence Police Chief Anson Shells and Solicitor Ed Clements joined the mayor in the effort.

There are more than 2,400 abandoned houses in Florence, and officials say they're havens for trouble.

"These abandoned dilapidated buildings are just a breeding place for criminal activity. People go there do drugs people go there do other illicit activities," said Ed Clements, 12th Circuit Solicitor.

Officials plan to send out notices to the other homeowners in the coming weeks.

Mayor Wukela says they will give the property owners time to respond and if they don't take care of the problem, he'll use the city's resources to clean up the property.