Florence Darlington Technical College's enrollment is up this spring semester

Florence Darlington Technical College (FDTC) is set to have a record enrollment for its 2014 spring semester with 5,400 students, according Clay Williams, FDTC Public Information Officer and Media Relations Director.

The enrollment is up 7% from last year and could be even higher when the final numbers come in January 16.

"We're very pleased with the uptick in Spring 2014 new and returning student registration. Our Enrollment Management Department and faculty members are doing extraordinary work to sign these folks up and keep FDTC growing and serving the people of the Pee Dee, said Dr. Ben Dillard, FDTC President.

Williams says two year colleges are seeing an increase in student enrollment for a number of reasons including more industries requiring training for its workers.

"It used to be that we were sort of tied to the economy, but that's not so true anymore. Now employers are requiring more education and more technical training for their employees. So we can provide that for them, explained Williams."

As FDTC continues to grow, the school's Board of Commissioners are expected to make a decision this year regarding a $50 to $60 million proposal for long range building improvements at the college's main campus.

It's a three phase plan that includes new buildings, improved landscaping, and expansions at satellite campuses.