Florence couple wins a million

Just one number away from $587.5 million. But they'll settle for $1,000,004.

How did that happen? The Florence couple, who are remaining anonymous, bought several tickets for last week's record Powerball® jackpot. On one ticket, they matched five numbers (5, 16, 22, 23 and 29) but missed the Powerball® red number (6). That "6" did show up on another ticket though - and for that they won $4.

Had that 6 been with the winning five numbers, they'd have shared in the jackpot.

Still, the husband told lottery officials, "We were in awe. We must have looked at the ticket 10 times and couldn't go back to sleep."

Cruizers XII on N. Williston Rd. in Florence sold them the winning ticket, and the clerk there asked the husband if he wanted to add PowerPlay®.

"What's the dumbest thing I ever said?" confessed the husband. "No, I don't want that PowerPlay®." If he had, he'd have turned that $1 million into $2 million.

Still, their win means they'll have an easier time planning their retirement.

Cruizers XII in Florence received a commission of $10,000 for selling the claimed ticket.

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