Florence County voter turnout looking good

The director of the Florence County Elections and Voter Registration Office David Alford, says voter turnout at their historically republican precincts is pretty high.

Alford is going by reports from poll workers and he has yet to confirm any official numbers.

Alford says 11,000 people voted in the Republican Primary in Florence County in 2008. This year, he expects anywhere from 15,000 to 18,000 voters.

As expected, voter turnout is slow at the historically Democratic precincts, according to poll workers.

Around 1:00 p.m., only two people had cast ballots at Florence Precinct 9 which is also called the Marion Street Precinct. Poll workers say there are nearly 18 hundred people registered at that precinct, but its heavily democratic.

Alford says he will continue to canvass across Florence County to see if there are any major problems, but says so far so good.

He says there were some battery problems with a few voting machines earlier this morning, but it didn't impact anyone's ability to vote.

Alford says there are nine technicians who are stationed throughout the county ready and willing to help when needed.