Florence County Solicitor warns of Geico check scheme

The Florence County Solicitor is warning residents about a scheme involving a very real looking check that appears to come from Geico Insurance Company.

A concerned citizen informed Solicitor Ed Clements that she got a letter in the mail from the Public Voice Research Group along with a check from Geico for $1,900.

The letter said if she completed two mystery shopper assignments, she could cash the check, send the research group $1,600, and keep $300 for herself.

Clements says because the check looks so real, you may not notice the red flags.

"It sounds legitimate until you read it carefully and you see the mistakes and grammar. Mistakes in spelling. But if you look at the check, it just looks absolutely like a real check from Geico Insurance Company. And it's just a scam," Clements said.

If you cash the check, you will have to pay back the $1,900 to the business where you cashed it or face jail time.

Clements added that scams are even more prevalent this time of year, with people trying to score money for the holidays.