Florence County Sheriff's Office responds to false imprisonment lawsuit

Kaleb Cabbagestalk, 21, filed a lawsuit against the Florence County Sheriff's Office, Florence County Solicitor's Office, Florence County Detention Center and the SC Department of Probation, Parole and Pardon Services, saying he was falsely imprisoned for seven months at the Florence County Detention Center after armed robbery charges against him were dropped.

The Florence County Sheriff's Office legal counselor Captain Michael Nunn released the following statement to WPDE NewsChannel 15 regarding the lawsuit:

"FCSO and FCDC accepted service of the suit papers filed by Mr. Cabbagestalk yesterday and we are reviewing the allegations for the first time. While I can't go into any details about the suit at this time, I can say that plaintiff's complaints, such as we have here contain only allegations, not proof. I expect that when all of the facts are known and the truth is allowed to come out, we will prevail on the merits."

The lawsuit says on March 12, 2012 the Florence County Solicitor's Office informed the Florence County Detention Center and Florence County Sheriff's Office that Cabbagestalk's armed robbery charge stemming from the November 3, 2010 arrest was going to be dismissed and that Cabbagestalk should not be detained any further for the armed robbery charge.

However, the Florence County Solicitor's Office failed to notify either Cabbagestalk or his attorney, Rose Mary Parham, that the armed robbery charge was going to be dismissed, according to the lawsuit.

The suit states the Florence County Solicitor's Office also failed to notify the investigator handling the case for the City of Florence Police Department and state probation officials.

The lawsuit says the Solicitor's Office's failure to make the notifications about the dismissal resulted in the extended and unjustified detention of Cabbagestalk.

It says the Florence County Detention Center continued to hold Cabbagestalk without any legal justification from March 12, 2012 until October 26, 2012.

He's seeking unspecified damages.