Florence County residents say bad road threatens their safety

Bumps, lumps, and patches cover North Old Georgetown Road in the Scranton Community of Florence County.

People who travel the road say there are no reflectors or lane markings.

Mack and Karen Evans live in one of the dozens of homes along the road and say it's even worse at night.

"I just can't see," said Mack Evans.

NewsChannel 15 wanted to see how bad, so we took a late night ride with Karen. We first traveled the portion of North Old Georgetown Road that has markings and reflectors.

Evans said " I'm looking on both sides of the roads at all times."

When we got to the section of road where the Evans live, Karen slowed down to about 40 miles per hour. She says there are deer and other

wildlife that run out onto the road. Evans says with poor lighting and no lane markings and reflectors, it's too dark to see what's going on.

"You do have a dangerous situation with it and i just think dot should do something," said Evans.

She says they've called officials with the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) several times over the last three years, but they can't get them to respond.

Evans said, "So I didn't know anything else to do rather than contact WPDE and see if maybe they could help us with this."

We got ahold of officials with DOT and learned there is some good news .

Transportation officials say they will put reflectors on the road this spring.

They say traffic has to exceed 500 cars a day before lane markings can go down. However, officials say if they repave or resurface North Old Georgetown Road, lane markings will do gown regardless of traffic count.

Mack and Karen Evans say the reflectors are a good start. They're hoping the road will be marked with white and yellow stripes in the near future.

We will continue to follow this story and let you know when the reflectors are placed on the road.