Florence County GOP concerned about Republican Primary

The chairman of the Florence Republican Party is worried there may not be enough poll workers at the precincts for the Republican Primary being held statewide on January 21st.

GOP Chairman Bill Pickle says he learned Tuesday afternoon the Florence County Election Commission may not have enough money to pay all the poll workers they need.

The Director of the Florence County Voter Registration Office, David Alford, says they expected to get $41,000 from the state to run the primary, but the state cut $10,000 from the budget.

Alford says he will have all 63 polls open for the primary, but many of them will only have three poll workers.

The busier precincts may have four workers.

Pickle says this is sure to be an historic primary, and they don't want any major problems.

"They need to get this straightened out because they got to train these poll workers. You can't have workers in these polls that haven't been trained to do and to put that whole process in jeopardy as far as being legitimate is just not the right thing to do," said Pickle.

Alford says poll workers are adequately trained, but they need volunteers to help at the busier precincts.

They will also have to be trained.

If you would like to volunteer to work at the polls for the SC Republican Primary in Florence County, call the Florence County Voter Registration Office at (843) 665-3094 and ask for Bertha Scott.