Florence County firefighters hurt in brush fire

A firefighter from the Windy Hill Fire Department


seriously hurt in a brush fire in Quinby near QVC on McIver Road in Florence County, according to Florence County Fire Services Coordinator Sam Brockington. He

was flown
to the burn center in Augusta for treatment.

Another firefighters from the West Florence Fire Department was treated for a broken ankle. A third firefighter was also hurt. He suffered a knee injury. That firefighter works with the City of Florence Fire Department.

Anthony Eaddy with the South Carolina Forestry Commission says this fire started as a homeowner's debris burn that got out of control.

Eaddy says Mingo Robinson is charged with Failure To Notify Before A Burn and Allowing Fire To Spread To Another's Property. He was fined $700.

The fire burned a mobile home and several cars. At one point it was threatening a few houses.

Eaddy says the fire burned about 12 acres. It is under control and contained.

Windy Hill, Florence City, South Lynches and West Florence Fire Departments were all called to the scene, along with the South Carolina Forestry Commission.