Florence councilman arrested

Myrtle Beach police arrested Florence city councilman and mayoral candidate Ed Robinson for Resisting Arrest on April 10, after yelling at manager in a grocery store for not selling him alcohol, according to a police report.

Robinson says the clerk wouldn't sell to his wife and she had an ID, so he called the police.

"I am the one that called the police. Not only did I call the police, I called Councilman Chestnut prior to the police getting there to let him know that there was a problem and I wanted him to be aware that I had called the police," said Robinson.

Robinson added when the officer got there, he was way out of line and overbearing.

The report says the officer asked Robinson three times for his ID and he refused to identify himself. The officer explained the penalty to Robinson but he still refused to show his ID, so the officer arrested him.

Robinson says he was only defending his wife and wasn't looking for any trouble.

" I know that what I did was right, defending the rights and the dignity of my family without breaking any laws. I think it was overbearing with the police office and well we'll just wait and see what happens."

Robinson says he will fight this arrest and believes that a jury of his peers will acquit him. He hopes to have it all squared away by the SC Democratic Primary on June 12.

"I think or hopefully it should be resolved before the election and then people will see. You know people tend to think whatever the police says then that's it, but that's not it," says Robinson.